The Science of Becoming Oneself Course

science of becoming oneself book

Based on the book The Science of Becoming Oneself by Torkom Saraydarian, this course is designed for the student who is committed to start a process of becoming more conscious and more of their genuine self. (See full course description below).

Lectures are presented by Lisa Froman, President of TSG Colorado. Class meets twice a month, 11:30 am to 12:30 pm MST. Starts September 2016. Exact date to be announced. Course Fee to be announced (due prior to start date). You will also need to order a copy of the book, The Science of Becoming Oneself by Torkom Saraydarian from or The Book is $25 (not included in course fee). If you have to miss a class, you will be provided with an audio CD. To register contact us.

Class Location
8341 S Sangre de Cristo Road Suite 108, Littleton, CO 80127 – 303-838-7652 –

About The Course
You can find your True Self if you are willing to do the work and accept the challenges that real,
internal change involves. When you change your focus from the physical, emotional, logical mental world, you begin the path to become your True Self. Be ready for wonderful insights, awakenings, “aha” moments, and tears of happiness, joy, and yes, eventually, bliss!M/span>

You can achieve a genuine life if you are willing to do the work. Whatever you put into this course is what you will get out it. There is no mystery, no miracle or quick fixes in the life of spiritual evolution. It takes honest work to remove the years of old debris stuck to your bodies and to let the inner diamond to shine.

Stop looking for the miracle book, page, teacher, or teaching. Stop thinking that one person, one telephone call will help you solve all your problems. The solution is not outside of you, but inside of you. Learn to look inside of you and find the jewel hiding deep in the layers of your life. Start to become sensitive to yourself and your inner being. Start to appreciate what your inner wisdom is telling you.

Each lecture involves a special topic and lesson for one month. The topics are:
1. Doing Good
2. Perfect Love
3. Harmlessness
4. Detachment
5. Dealing with Conflict
6. Emotional Purity
7. Expectations
8. The Constitution of Man
9. The Pranic Triangle
10. The Mental Body
11. Meditation Process and Expansion of Consciousness
12. Summary: The Science Behind the Work