Ageless Wisdom Teachings

The Ageless Wisdom is the collective name given for all the wisdom, philosophy & spiritual insights given to humanity throughout time, both in the Eastern and Western traditions.


spiritual-moon warm V013 old photoThe Ageless Wisdom is the collective name given for all the wisdom, philosophy, and spiritual insights and directions given to humanity throughout time, both in the Eastern and Western traditions. It is a body of knowledge that has been written and taught by wise men and women in all cultures and civilizations. Often, this body of knowledge is referred to as the Ancient Wisdom Teachings. But this is somewhat misleading in that it supposes that the only wisdom that is available is ancient in nature. On the contrary, the Wisdom of life evolves and grows continuously and organically as a result of the wisdom of any given person anywhere or at any time on earth.

Historically, every culture and civilization has had its advanced thinkers, who have spoken about core values of life, or written about it, and also demonstrated it in their life. Such men and women exemplified an ability of keen observation and understanding of life beyond the material-physical existence. In their ideas and philosophies we find a current of thought that explains the process of expansion, self-actualization, or the process of finding the genuine purpose and direction of life. These ideas or philosophies are adapted to various fields of human endeavor and we find the entire cultures and civilizations permeated by the ideas and principles from great thinkers.

Buddha-Heads_NewThe Ageless Wisdom Teachings, as a system of knowledge, explains life from both the material and non-material perspectives. It is based on the understanding that underlying all material life is a subtle counterpart made up of many levels and complexities. Human beings are able to reach and understand life fully when they are able to penetrate into the subtle aspects of life. To do so requires the process of expansion of consciousness and then beingness. By building the subtle counterparts to his or her physical bodies, a person is able to directly understand and deal with the subtleties of life in all its dimensions.

When we understand and appreciate the underlying foundation of our life, we will be able to use this information to heal our emotional and psychic wounds, expand our mental thought life, be able to understand life holistically, and become healthy, happy, productive, creative, and successful throughout our life.

The key pillars of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings

Greek Columns 4 ladies 01Our entire perspective on life changes when we build our higher bodies and subtle mechanisms and consciously understand and appreciate the complexities of life on its many levels. This is the bridging process often referred to as having “continuity of consciousness” that is the heart of the Wisdom Teachings. There are three basic pillars of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings: First, there is the Law of Karma or the law of cause and effect. This means that whatever you sow you will reap; whatever you do in your life, you have to answer to the consequences of your actions or in-actions. This applies to individuals as well as to groups and nations.

  The next pillar is the concept of Reincarnation. Reincarnation is the philosophy that explains the process of spiritual evolution. The spirit or soul energy that exists in each human being incarnates, lives and learns its lessons, and passes out of incarnation. The human soul incarnates over and over, into human form based on what he or she did and accomplish in the previous lifetime. Contrary to some belief systems, the human soul never incarnates into a kingdom below the human. The bodies of the incarnated soul take as its building blocks the exact spiritual DNA recordings that were created in each life. Nature does not cheat or forget; it is always built on causes or conditions that are put in place. This means that whatever we do, in any lifetime, we will reap its results in one of our lifetimes. There is no escape. How can there be? The law works regardless of whether or not we believe in it.

Greek Columns 03 New_peA third pillar of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings is the role that Higher Principles and Laws play in life. These are laws of behavior, communication, and core values and standards. For example, the Golden Rule of doing unto others what we wish for others to do unto us is formulated in all philosophies. Righteousness, goodness, and freedom are core values and principles that humanity has striven toward. These are not just pink and fuzzy ideas or hallucinations of romantic minds! Every human being wants to address the rights that he or she needs to live a decent life. The formulations of these rights are derived from Higher Principles and Laws. These principles condition our relationships in our personal, professional, and community life. If we want right human relations, starting with our family members and on to the larger body of humanity, then we must individually and as aggregates of individuals, adhere to the laws and principles on which life operates. We also understand that these core values and principles are continuously unfolding and humanity is defining and re-framing them according to the needs and challenges of the times. For example, what was defined as freedom 100 years ago is not the same now. The same holds true with values of decency, righteousness, human rights, dignity and so on.

Leaf New VintageWhat the Ageless Wisdom Teaches

1. In each human being there is the spirit-spark, or soul, which transcends time and space, and it incarnates over millions of years into progressively more advanced bodies.

2. This spark has many characteristics, including, the ability to gather intelligence, love, beauty, immortality, and freedom from the bindings of earthly life, and continuity into infinity.

3. The spark is an integral part of the greater Self, or Soul of the Universe, sometimes refereed to as the Creative force or God; it is a ray projected from this creative force.

4. The spark continuously evolves by building its physical, emotional, mental, intuitional, atmic, monadic, and divine bodies. Each of these bodies gives the spark the ability to manifest and communicate on the corresponding planes of existence. Hence, the spark builds bodies of communication and contact with subtle and higher existences in life. This is called by many names, including the path of self-transformation, Self actualization, becoming the True Self, or the process of expansion of consciousnesses or building continuity of consciousness.

5. The method of building the higher consciousness is through the process of developing critical thinking through the vehicle of the higher mind and intuition by doing the following:

  • right observation
  • right concentration
  • right meditation
  • right thinking
  • right manifestation


Lake with Tree Old Photo V013What kind of system of thought is it?

It is a system of thought that is scientific and internally consistent. What you get in life depends on what you do and not do. Every action or inaction, in the physical, emotional, and mental life creates a pattern in our corresponding bodies. These patterns remain in us and influence us lifetime after lifetime. According to the Law of Karma and Reincarnation, what we do now may not affect us for another lifetime. Or, what we are experiencing now may be caused by a long-ago condition or choice that we made. We can use the Wisdom Teachings to understand the bigger picture in life and its complexities and learn the process of cleaning up the causes that have resulted in our life conditions.

This system of thought is testable and verifiable. Health, healing, and a productive life in all our bodies depend on how we live, what we think, how we feel, and how we connect to the subjective aspects of life. The human being is a complex organism based on physical, emotional, mental, and higher bodies of existence. All of life is multi-dimensional and complex and totally and completely consistent.

Buddha 01Great teachers of the Wisdom Teachings emphasize that one must not base his or her understanding of the Teachings on the words of the teacher but on experience and personal understanding. Faith is not the sole foundation of the Teaching, but the personal experience and verification must follow. We may begin by faith but we need to test and verify and see how cause and effect really work. By right observation of life, one can easily see the conditions of cause and effect and adjust accordingly. The Laws of Cause and Effect stay and operate in every level and facet of life.

“The Ageless Wisdom is not historical information but the treasury of the knowledge of self-actualization. Every page in the Ageless Wisdom urges us to be something higher than we are in our beingness, urges us to offer something greater to humanity than what was offered in the past.” (Ageless Wisdom, p. 17.)

What is the purpose of living according to the Ageless Wisdom?

Inner Peace 01The purpose of understanding, studying, and practicing the principles of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings is basically to develop a bridge to higher consciousness, or develop continuity of consciousness, exemplified in some of the following qualities:

  • To make sense of life and all our experiences
  • To be able to see life as a continuum, throughout millions of years
  • To be able to find and express the genuine, True Self, or spirit inside of us
  • To build the vehicles of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies that will act as tools with which to contact corresponding levels in life
  • To develop higher psychic mechanisms
  • To have continuity of consciousness and operate consciously on multiple levels of existence
  • To appreciate and work with the laws of nature
  • To eliminate karma and the causes that create illness, failure, pain, and misery
  • To operate consciously in any field of endeavor and bring to any field new ideas and creativity from the higher worlds
  • To understand the process of soul development and the existences in the Higher Worlds
  • To live a purposeful and joyful and healthy life and be able to make conscious transitions into and out of incarnation
  • To serve and help others to expand themselves
  • To live according to the Laws of Nature, or laws of the Creative forces or Divine Principles
  • To live peacefully and abundantly in all ways in this world or beyond
  • To experience health and healing and true joy

How does the Ageless Wisdom Teaching give us hope?

Life is an open system, a network of possibilities. All of life wants us to grow and is programmed in such a way that you reap the results of your striving. Spiritual evolution means that whatever you do physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually has its corresponding changes in our bodies and in the aggregate areas of corresponding levels of life.

When one person changes, he or she influences everything; all of life can change because we change. We evolve and change for the better in our material and non-material existence simultaneously. If we understand how this happens and we learn to work with the rhythms and cycles of life, we will see tremendous growth. We can evolve, change, grow, and become more happy and purposeful when we live by the Greater Principles. We thereby develop the bodies that will open to us new areas of understanding. By learning how to build the bridges to higher consciousness and higher beingness, we pave the way for happiness, joy, and also bliss.

Article courtesy of Gita Saraydarian
President & Founder of TSG Foundation

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